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Product name : girth welder
Product No. : 2019128112835
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  SAW girth welder is a high efficient auto welding equipment used in fabrication and welding of large petroleum storage tank, the machine hang on the shell of tank and travel along the edge of tank,with the back of flux tray, the welding head adopt the single side SAW  multi- pass ,multi -layer technique to fullfill the automatic girth welding.


the component of the welding equipment : cartage driving and control system , wire feeder, welding head adjustment, Photoelectric tracing system for bead, with the auto feeding and recovery system, the flux can be recovered and reused. left and right driving ensure the two way welding and improve the efficient, the Humanized design of cartage, covered by all weather Aluminum plate,  can provide operator a comfortable and safe working environment, the performance of the equipment is very stable , the efficiency is 10-20 times than SMAW.


usage : Normal construction for chemical industry , petrolum storage tank  and Blast furnace


main parameter :


1、thickness of plate: 8-80mm

2、Type of steel :all steel structure

3、shape of groove: V  or  K

 4、seam :horizontal and girth seam

5、width of plate :1.4-3.0 m   adjustable

6、diameter of tank :> 4 m 

7、current :300-550A

8、voltage :20-40V

9、power set : 380v/50Hz

10、welding speed :10-3000mm/min

11、weight :600Kg

12、size :1.6×1.4×3.6 (m)

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