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Products > Borosilicate Glass > Borosilicate Hookans-Shisha > Borosilicate Hookans-Shisha
Product name : Borosilicate Hookans-Shisha
Product No. : HZ-542
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Borosilicate Glass is a kind of special glass material with low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength, high light transmittance and high chemical stability.

One by one with product features: glass water bongs glass products general advantages: transparent, beautiful, barrier, airtight, non-toxic, tasteless, glass water bongs is a kind of handicraft, by a number of years of experience of technicians in the flame hot environment, to Xian superb training skills, pure hand refining. Glass water bottle is a high art appreciation and practicality, after the three layers of filter can effectively restrain tar make smoking more health, has also become a gift of Jiapin. After ten years of temper, let us in the production of glass water bottle has not only become a work of art but also to people's life more convenient, more healthy.


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